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AMBIO - Excellence center for bioimaging at the Charité

The Advanced Medical BioImaging Core Facility (AMBIO) was established in September 2015 in order to significantly enhance the existing microscopy infrastructure within the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

The microscope systems that form the initial core unit of AMBIO were strategically placed into the then newly built CharitéCrossOver (CCO) building on the Charité Campus Mitte (CCM). This central location at the CCO enhances the visibility and availability of the AMBIO systems within the Charité research environment.

The overarching aim of AMBIO is the provision of the infrastructure necessary for researchers to efficiently perform cutting-edge advanced biomedical imaging. The CCO is designated to serve the Charité research community working in the Charité 'Grundlagenmedizin' (basic medical research), as well as researchers working within the NeuroCure - Cluster of Excellence and the recently established branch of the 'Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen' (DZNE). In addition to this, the CCO is dedicated to training and educating the next generations of medical doctors.

Because of the central importance of advanced bioimaging for the Charité and research community, the Charité invested significantly into the newly designed dedicated bioimaging facility space in the CCO. In partnership with Nikon Instruments, and in close cooperation with the NeuroCure - Cluster of Excellence, AMBIO started as the first Nikon Center of Excellence in Berlin with advanced bioimaging systems about to cover a broad range of imaging modes.