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    Campus Charité MitteCharitéplatz 1 (local address: Virchowweg 6)
    10117 Berlin

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Nikon A1R+ Multiphoton Confocal

Charité Campus Mitte, CCO Rm. 02-117, Virchowweg 6, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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Imaging modes

  • Multiphoton confocal
  • DIC, relief contrast

Laser (Mai Tai Insight Deepsee Dual)

  • Tunable: 680 nm (600 mW) – 900 nm (500 mW) – 1300 nm (500 mW)
  • Single line: 1040 nm


  • Point scanner (galvo)
  • Resonant scanner (30 fps in 512x512 pixels, up to 420 fps in 512x32 pixels)

Non-Descanned Detectors (no pinhole)

  • 2x GaAsP-NDD (highly sensitive, GFP, mCherry)
  • 2x PMT-NDD (DAPI, Cy5)


  • Upright
  • Extended IR laser for deep tissue imaging
  • Fast switch between glavo and resonant scanner