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AMBIO operation during COVID-19 times

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Dear trained AMBIO users, you may continue working in the AMBIO facility on your own risk and in agreement with your lab head and according to the procedural requirements of the faculty from 26.02.2021.


Therefore, we ask you to apply following hygiene instructions:

  • It is mandatory to keep a minimum distance from other people of 1.5 m at any time
  • There is an obligation to use mouth-nose protection, with the exception that you are alone in the AMBIO facility
  • Trained users can book as usual, with the exception that there is only ONE person allowed within one sub-room or the bench/hood area of the AMBIO workspace
  • Wash or disinfect your hands before start working
  • Clean working place with 70% ethanol when you leave: keyboardmousetouchable surfaces on the microscopes
  • If disinfectant or anything essential is low, please contact ambio(at)
  • At max. one AMBIO staff might be in office. Please do NOT enter the office, just knock and stay at the office door for communication


As detailed by the new SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Measures Ordinance for Berlin as of April 1st 2021, all new AMBIO users are required to provide a negative COVID test at time of training. In light of this, from the 19th April 2021, all situations requiring direct contact with AMBIO staff (trainings/1-on-1 assistance) proof of a negative COVID test is required. Further information regarding this matter and access to rapid tests can be found here.

Please, contact ambio(at) for project discussion and further information.


As usual, we are trying the best we can do to keep your imaging projects running. If there are any questions please contact us. 


Thank you!!!

Your AMBIO team


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