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Links and General Information

Below you can find usefull links to:

  • Spectra viewers
  • Fluorophore/ fluorescent protein databases
  • Microscopy learning websites
  • Imaging/ image analysis software

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Spectra viewers

Use these spectra viewers to select appropriate combinations of fluorophores for imaging and to check their behavior with respect to present illumination light source and bandwidth of emission filter.

Fluorophore/ fluorescent protein databases

Comprehensive learning websites for all aspects of microscopy

Molecular Expressions Website

iBiology Microscopy Series

Scientific Community Image Forum

Nikon MicroscopyU

Olympus Microscopy Resource Center

Zeiss Education in Microscopy and Digital Imaging

Thermo Fisher Fluorescence Tutorials

Leica Science Lab


Microscopy imaging software and open source image analysis


Fileserver: OMERO.web application for your browser

Fileserver: OMERO.insight client

Bioimage Informatics Search Engine (BISE)