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    Campus Charité MitteCharitéplatz 1 (local address: Virchowweg 6)
    10117 Berlin

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Welcome to AMBIO!

To become an AMBIO user you have to:

  • Register an Open IRIS account
  • Submit a training request via Open IRIS
  • Accept the AMBIO user guidelines and rules by signing the AMBIO Declaration and send it back to or upload within the Open IRIS training request form
  • Schedule an initial project discussion
  • Make an appointment for discussed individual training

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AMBIO Services

*AMBIO operation during COVID-19 times*

As detailed by the new SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Measures Ordinance for Berlin as of April 1st 2021, all new AMBIO users are required to provide a negative COVID test at time of training. In light of this, from the 19th April 2021, all situations requiring direct contact with AMBIO staff (trainings/1-on-1 assistance) proof of a negative COVID test is required. Further information regarding this matter and access to rapid tests can be found here.

AMBIO still provides the possibility of full imaging services to groups if the project is suited.

Please, contact ambio(at) for further details.

Additional information regarding safety precautions and facility operation during can be found here.


AMBIO offers both infrastructure and expertise to perform advanced microscopy projects

AMBIO services include: 

  • Initial project consultation to find out which imaging mode best matches your individual requirements
  • Individual user training on a specific microscope system
  • Assistance for imaging projects (supervised image acquisition/ guidance for data analysis)
  • Autonomous imaging for trained users.

An overview about booking, pricing, usage fees, and user responsibilities at AMBIO can be found in our Quick Guidelines and Rules or in more detail in the AMBIO User Guidelines and Rules.


Available Imaging modes at AMBIO include

  • Widefield Imaging
  • Scanning & Spinning Disk Confocal Imaging
  • TIRF Imaging
  • Multi-photon Imaging
  • Super-Resolution Imaging (STORM/ PALM, SIM)